Monday, January 30, 2006

Danish Newspaper's Cartoons Depicting the Founder of Islam, Muhammad as a Terrorist, Stirs Anger in the Muslim World

Outrage all over the Muslim world is breaking out as we speak. Due to cartoons mocking their so called prophet, Muhammad.

It's understandable that when one's religion is mocked that one would react, and react they have. Danish citizens have been attacked all over of the Islamic world. Even a Danish grocery store saw two of its clerks beaten half to death in Saudi Arabia.

I think the typical Muslim reaction of when somebody wrongs you, of hit the first person you see that looks like they may be of the same culture, is absolutely appalling, but sadly common in the Islamic world.

I find it funny that once again the Muslims have shown their true colours. Libya for example has closed it's Embassy in Denmark. Muslims have boycotted Danish products, and attacked people for looking Danish. Now if only some of that outrage could go towards some of their fellow Muslim nations. Maybe closing their embassies in Iran, Saudi Arabia and so forth. Oh that's right, Iran and those other countries only do things like execute female rape victims and persecute religious minorities, they don't do anything as evil as drawing a cartoon of an Arab Conqueror.

So once again I sit back and just shake my head at what outrages the Muslim world, and wish the Western world would wake up and take notice.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cat Stevens is Greatly Underrated

Cat Stevens who gave up music in the late 70's after his conversion to Islam, has ever since been underrated. I would say that a great deal of the reason why he is not widely known even to this day, is due to his conversion to Islam.

When Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam) first converted and gave up his music. He was a bit fanatical about being a Muslim. Evening adopting desert Islam, by walking around constantly in sheets, kufis, and turbans.

However, it certainly wasn't just his clothes that isolated him, it was probably his mentality that also did it. He refused to do most interviews, and the ones he did do, helped make him appear a tad brain-washed, by speaking of nothing but religion, and using constant Muslims phrases in front of a western audience.

All this also helped make him a target for lies and rumors. Some said he was going around Iran with a begging bowl, others said he was a member of Al Qaeda. All of these were lies, of course.

Due to the rumors about Yusuf. One American DJ even ran over a bunch his station's old Cat Stevens records with a bulldozer in an attempt to show disgust for a man he believed had become a Jihadist.

Well, with all these rumors, almost all being lies, swirling around the artist formally known as Cat Stevens. It's no wonder his old songs didn't get any air time. And Cat Stevens became a distant memory.

As of recently, Yusuf has become more liberal with himself. He wears suits, and western clothes. He has even has sang some of his old songs again. Which has led to a mini-revival of Cat Stevens. Which is a good thing, because he is certainly a man who wrote many amazing songs, and has been greatly misunderstood ever since.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hip Hop Artist Receives more of a Backlash among Muslims than a Suicide Bomber

I found a link today on Irshad's Manji's site that leads to a video performed by Muslim born artist named Deeyah.

According to Irshad Manji, Deeyah's video can not receive air time in even Great Britain due to Muslim pressure to pull it off the air.

I find it greatly ironic that Muslims who claim that the west's media is biased against them and their faith, and that it never bothers to show their side. Were the same people able to group enough Muslims together in even Britain to get this artist's video pulled of the air.

You see, Muslims are outraged that as a Muslim, Deeyah shows her skin and dares to question the society that Islam has created. She does this not only through her lyrics, but by also having pictures projected on her bare back of the faces of women tragically murdered in Islamic nations for the sake of "honor".

As an Orthodox Christian, I can agree that her showing of her body in such a way constitutes a sin. However, I am not here to judge her soul.

What really blows me away is the fact that Muslims have put so much effort into condemning this poor girl for showing her stomach, when many of them do not even condemn Osama Bin Laden, and other terrorists, who are the murders of innocent human beings.

If you bring up suicide bombing to a Muslim, they are less likely to condemn it, than they are to condemn a woman for showing her bare back. This is what I believe is one of the most ridiculous elements of Islamic culture. Muslims know it's wrong to wear revealing clothes. But the jury is still out on driving a plane into a building full of innocent people, or blowing yourself up in Jewish cafe.

I think if Deeyah's video accomplishes anything. It will accomplish showing the great hypocrisy the exists among many Muslims.

What Will it Be Video by Deeyah-

Irshad Manji's Site-

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Can Muslims Handle Living in a Peaceful and Accepting Society?

Day after day, month after month, year after year. We hear of violence perpetrated by some followers of Islam. Why is this? I feel it is because they are simply incompatible with Western civilization.

Western civilization has been built generally on two things that contradict Islam. Christianity and secular philosophy. Islam since the time of their founder, the "Prophet" Mohammad, has been a religion of terror. Islam was spread by the sword, and unlike popular belief among Muslims, it was not okay for Mohammad to kill tribes because they were Pagans.

Sure Christians have killed and sinned. The Catholics and Protestants have had their crusades, and other fumbles. However, unlike Islam, Christianity's very founders were not men of violence, but of peace. Many Saints were martyred while spreading the Church. However, they accepted their deaths with forgiveness and by not raising the sword. One most look no further than the Apostles to see this.

So as we know Islam was founded on war. So why would we expect any less from its modern day followers? As we hear of suicide bombings, beheading, and constant foiled terrorist plots, we must wonder if it was a mistake for the western world to be so liberal in its view of Islam?

Are there good peace loving Muslims? Yes! Are they the majority? I have serious doubts about that. And if they are, they are certainly a silent one.

Knowing many Muslims in my life. I have experienced the biggest prejudices, hatred, and complete disregard for any kind of basic respect for human life from them.

It's time that we crack down on Muslims. Not through violence, not through banning Islam. Or something absurd. But by being more vigilant about them. The number of Muslims girls that I have met whose fathers abuse them, and force their religion on them is overwhelming. It sickens me to know that these girls are being force to follow Islam, and their parents culture through the threat of constant violence, while they live in Canada.

However, who is going to help them? Are these heartless, power hungry politicians going to help put a stop to this? Of course not! They wouldn't want to anger the Muslim communities and lose their precious votes.

So I guess the western world will turn a blind eye to the problems created by Muslims. And allow them to run their own communities, and turn their own little areas into mini-Islamabad's. Unless people start speaking out!

Please take the time to view the following link.

Fidel Castro and Orthodoxy

Although, this is not breaking news my any means. I feel like writing about Fidel Castro's building of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Cuba's capital, Havana in 2004. And inviting His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew to consencrate it.

Though it is unclear what President Castro's intentions were. It seems to me that there was something that about Orthodoxy has moved the Communist revolutionary.

Cuba has been an officially Atheist state since the Communist revolution took place in 1959. However, over a decade ago, Castro relaxed that belief by allowing believers into his Communist Party.

President Castro is getting older, and closer to death. Maybe because of this, questions are coming to him more about what happens after death?

Just like Prince Charles, and President Putin have recently. Castro took a private pilgrimage to Mount Athos, perhaps in search of answers?

All speculation aside. We should in spite of the negative actions Castro might have done in the past, praise him for his generosity towards our Church. And pray for his salvation.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Starbucks Vs. Orthodox Monks

Yes, the title is correct. Starbucks, the multi-billion dollar coffee company decided to aim its efforts on suing an Orthodox Monastery in 1997 over the words "Christmas Blend".

The Orthodox Monastery of the All Merciful Savior found itself in a war with Starbucks, over selling a coffee callled "Christmas Blend" to raise funds for its monastic community. Starbucks claimed it owned the words "Christmas Blend", and that the Monks had infringed on their trademark.

Well, the Monks won the case, which was wonderful. However, a deeper problem still exists. The fact that we suck down these five dollar coffees, and help heartless corporations run down, or at least in this case, try to run down the little guys. Well, I think it's time that the world wakes up, and stops this kind of corporate strangling of all that dares to oppose them. And just boycott places such as Starbucks!

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Persecution of Archbishop Jovan

His Grace Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid is going to my topic tonight. Many of you may not know who he is. So I will give some quick background information on him. In the nation that goes by the name "Macedonia". Archishop Jovan sits in prison. Accused of inciting hatred against "Macedonia", among some other ridiculous and false charges.

He was targeted for choosing not to follow the schismatic Macedonian Orthodox Church, and for coming to Orthodoxy, and joining the Serbian Orthodox Church.

In "Macedonia", which by the way I put in quotations marks due to the fact that historical Macedonia is a province in Greece, and not this state that is based on a fictious history. They persecute the Serbian Orthodox Church. They have demolished Monsteries, jailed Priests, Monks, and Nuns. Evening trying to break the spirit of some Nuns by cutting their hair (something which is forbidden for monastics to do). The "Macedonian" government does this for one reason. To try and cleanse the Serbian Orthodox Church from its lands, so that they can keep a hold on their citizens minds through the brain-washing of the nationalist heretical Macedonian Orthodox Church.

Through all this, one figure has stood out the most. His Grace Archbishop Jovan. A truly Orthodox Bishop. He sits in prison for one reason. His Orthodox Christian convictions! He is a prisoner of the faith. As so many of our brothers and sisters have been through-out history. But I think a lot of this is summed up by this powerful quote by Archbishop Jovan, "It is ridiculous that they are trying to silence me, in this age of the internet and mass communication. When they hit the shepherd, they expect the sheep to run away, but church history is paradoxical, as, the more the church is persecuted, the more followers it gets.". Maybe had the "Macedonian" officials not left Orthodoxy, and all its teachings. They would have stumbled across something very telling about us, we who have faith in Orthodoxy that is. We have in the past and are still willing to die, to be imprisoned, to be tortured. If our Lord was willing to have all this happen to him, and as we know from reading the Holy Bible, no servant is greater than his master, so should we be willing to have this happen to us. As Archbishop Jovan has diplayed to us through his persecution.

So as I finish writing this little piece, and as His Grace Archbishop Jovan still sits in jail. Let us as Orthodox Christians pray to our Lord Jesus Christ, that through the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos, Archbishop Jovan shall be freed.

If anybody wishes to learn more about the ungoing struggle for His Grace Archbishop Jovan and the Serbian Orthodox Church. Take the time to view some of the following links.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kabbalah Among Celebirties

You know what I feel like talking about? The Kabbalah trend. From the little I know about it. I know it"s an ancient form of Jewish mysticism, now made popular by Hollywood celebrities, and by other great intellectuals. Please pardon my sarcasm. It"s amazing to know that people such as Britney Spears, who dances around with her breasts hanging out. Singing about sex, and marketing it to twelve year old girls, can think she has any clue what it means to be a Jewish believer of this mysticism?

The celebrity popularization of Kabbalah annoys me. And I am not even a Jew. I compare to somebody reading the spiritual writings of a devout Orthodox Christian ascetic like St. Seraphim of Sarov. And wearing a pendant of him and saying they are "into Philokalia". Anyways, if any Jews are reading this, you have this Orthodox Christian"s sympathy.